ENOUGH STUFF | 30 Day Shop Stop Challenge

"One of the most instantaneous of those changes takes place in the planetary atmosphere, where in the first split second of stopping shopping we accomplish what we've been unable to do for decades: reduce the global carbon pollution that is causing climate change." - The Day the World Stops Shopping: By J. B. MacKinnon

The world needs to stop shopping. Because buying less is better than buying “green”. This is why swap-studio together with The Next Closet and Equals encourage you to join the 30 Day Shop Stop Challenge this May: 30 days of no unnecessary shopping. No new clothes, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, books, magazines or stuff for your home. Can you do it?

For yourself. And for the planet.

Make your pledge today!

Join thousands of people committing to a better tomorrow.


Can we truly overcome our innate nature to buy more stuff? We think so. Take the 30 Day Shop Stop Challenge this May and get your ENOUGH STUFF silicone wristband to wear all month as a reminder to keep your promise.

You can further draw attention to the issue of unchecked consumerism by updating your social media profile with an ENOUGH STUFF badge during the month of May.


The #1 best thing we can do for the planet

is to buy less and make the stuff we already have last as long as possible.

of the stuff we buy is thrown away within 6 months. 1

of global greenhouse emissions come solely from the production of the things we use and buy every day. 2

at most of what we donate to charities is actually resold by them. The rest is sold by the pound to rag traders, exported overseas and often ends up in a landfill. 3

of all humanity’s carbon emissions are produced by the fashion industry alone. 4

What can you do?

Join us by pledging to do the 30 Day Shop Stop Challenge during the month of May and spread the word on social media!

Better choices

Doing the 30 Day Shop Stop Challenge means pausing to think about our everyday buying decisions. It doesn't mean losing your fashion identity and self expression. So while you take a shopping detox, why not explore some of our favourite circular fashion haunts in Amsterdam that will help you stay on trend, while keeping your commitment to the planet. We hope your 30 Day Shop Stop then transitions into better, more informed choices for the rest of the year!



swap-studio is committed to elevating the status of reuse and making it the number 1 choice for consumers. It is founded and led by women with the premise that women make majority of the consumer decision in the household. And it is consumerism that has resulted in our throw-away culture and the vast amounts of waste that plague the planet today. So it is up to us, women, to change that. Technology provides the opportunity to effect change on a scale previously thought impossible. It is a blessing and a curse. But in the hands of purpose-driven women, with enough empathy for the planet and tenacity to challenge the status-quo; it can be a catalyst to change our future - one swap at a time.


Previously called WE RISE, Equals believe in abundance, not scarcity. We believe in opportunities, not problems. We believe in adding, not replacing.

We ensure the world experiences the power that equality and diversity have in the workforce. We are committed to supporting women in the growth and development of their careers. By working together and by celebrating and championing our female members and partners, we bring out the best in everyone.

The Next Closet

The Next Closet (TNC) is the circular platform that connects the world's closets, making second-hand fashion the first choice. By challenging an extremely polluting industry which is constantly telling us to chase what’s new, we inspire our community of women to make more conscious decisions by giving them access to what we believe to be the new luxury: sharing.

Let’s join forces, empower each other and start this fashion revolution - together.

Want to show your support and become a sponsor of the ENOUGH STUFF Challenge? Contact us for more information.

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  1. The story of Stuff. Documentary Film by Annie Leonard

  2. Completing the picture: How the circular economy tackles climate. Paper by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation

  3. The Conscious Closet. Book by Elizabeth Cline

  4. Roadmap to Net Zero: Delivering Science-Based Targets in the Apparel Sector. Working paper by World Resources Institute